Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uganda's Anti-Homosexual Bill Tossed to the Back of the Line

Uganda's anti-homosexual bill has been put on hold. The Bills objective is to seek the death penalty for certain acts of homosexuality. This anti gay law was introduced/proposed by an evangelical Member of Parliament (go figure). When the debate, that took place Friday the 13th of 2011, failed to provide a successful argument the bill was thrown to the back of the line.

This bill proposed a law that would have called for certain homosexual acts to be punishable by death. Even though homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda, the bill was designed to broaden the criminalization of homosexuality. The bill proposal would mean the death sentence for:
  • teenagers engaging in gay sex
  • people with HIV/AIDS
  • having homosexual relations/encounters with any disabled persons
  • what the bill refers to as a "serial offender"
  • Ugandan's that engage in same-sex sexual relations outside of Uganda, asserting they may be extradited back to Uganda for punishment.

This law would also target those promoting homosexuality, meaning penalties for any non-governmental organizations supporting LGBT rights. Which could also target any groups supporting human rights. This caused human rights groups and foreign governments to speak up even louder against the bill. The law would also give a life sentence to any two consenting adults if found guilty of same-sex sexual relations.

David Bahiti (seen above), the chief proponent for the bill has remained obstinate to ensure the bill passes. Bahiti said, "When I moved this bill I had two objectives." "One, to make the issue of homosexuality and the dangers to our society part of the national debate, and second to have the legal framework to protect our children from recruitment and promotion." All just hours after the bill was put on hold. His statement was geared towards the idea that, in Uganda, homosexuals are trying to brainwash children into becoming gay.

So Bahiti... are you saying homosexuals are building some kind of gay army? What about how society in every country brainwashes children that are naturally born gay into believing that, though it wasn't their choice, their entire existence is not only morally wrong, but should be a crime punishable by a life/death sentence? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that "scare tactics" or putting "fear" into someone was the most basic tactic used for ensuring brainwashing.

To see more on this subject check these source links below to get more information. My goal is translating all this information to break it down into an easier understood context for everyone to read.


Image Sources: BBC and Huffington Post

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