Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Concerning the previous post...

I know all of you are shocked that I didn't send my support for Republican Candidate Fred Karger, seeing how he is openly gay. I do support what he is doing, yet the chances of him actually obtaining presidency are very very low. About slim to none, actually. He is constantly fighting for gay rights which of course I appreciate a lot. Yet, the fact of the matter is, he has not been and is not being invited to any Republican debate, I'm guessing its primarily because he is gay. I signed the petition to allow him to participate in these debates and I believe he only needs a few more votes. Please get involved with all of the organizations on your top right, sign up with them and you will get daily emails (they are not an annoying abundance) for petitions you can electronically sign to help make a change in this world, by starting with this country.

Again, my support is going for Ron Paul. I was hoping he would take the Republican nom back in 2008, the country wasn't ready for him then. This country has progressed significantly in the last 4 years so we will hopefully see him with a fighting chance. Please everyone visit and show your support. Be sure to check out what his views are so you know if hes the right candidate for you.

One little piece of advice, if you find that one of ten views do not match your own, it doesn't mean they are not the choice for you. They still may be the best of the best for your own needs. He doesn't comment on same-sex marriage on his website because he feels attacking it is not a priority and that their are other priorities to be dealt with first. He does touch on Pro-Life, and I am too to an extent, I don't believe in outlawing abortions but I do believe on limiting them as to not make them a form of birth control (it costs the government a lot of money). It should be prescribed.

Okay ladies and germs, I'm off to work for the day. Its time to go cut/color/style some hair, try to help this world a more beautiful place to the eye, if only it worked to make this world a better place as a whole... peace out boy/girl scouts.

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