Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trial: Openly Gay Student Shot and Killed in Classroom

To the right you will find a picture, Brandon McInerney, of the shooter. A now 17 year old boy, who is on trial for gunning down his openly gay classmate, 15 year-old Lawerence King in a computer lab at E. O. Green Junior High School. Brandon allegedly shot Lawerence twice, once in the back of the head and the second shot was delivered standing over Lawerence in a "coup de grace shot" as County Chief Deputy District Attorney Mike Frawley.

The two boys were in computer lab typing up papers for their English class, when Brandon fired a relative's gun at Lawerence. Lawerence was first shot in the back of the head, killing him immediately. Then Brandon stood above him allegedly and shot him one more time.

Lawerence King was openly gay and said to be very proud by other students. He was known to wear jewelry and make up and often to wear high-heeled boots with his school uniform. He was teased and bullied (but it didn't stop him). Brandon McInerny was teased and bullied because King was public about his crush on McInerny, students said.

A student and friend of King said that the day before McInerny told her that he could get a gun and to say good bye to her friend. She also noted that she had seen McInerny with a group of older boys afters school and they all had swastika tattoos.

"There were no words exchanged. He just pulled out the gun and did it," Frawley said Tuesday, "The victim didn't even see it coming."

McInerny is being tried as an adult for the crime he committed at 14, 3 years ago. Jurors heard opening statements on Tuesday, July 06th, 2011. McInerny is being charged with first-degree murder, use of a handgun, and a hate crime. Its a damn shame this ever had to happen.

This is truly sad. Its another reason that segregating gays via the law or any other outlet needs to stop. I don't feel students need to be taught about gay sex by any means, by I do think they need to be taught not to hate LGBT the same way they are taught not to hate other races.

These Presidents that are actively pursuing keeping marriage as only between man and a woman are seriously damaging the youth of the United States, being one of the biggest roll models, if they are to make it into office, they are teaching the youth that LGBT citizens are second class citizens. Its not right by any means and by them no longer continuing this battle or fight to "protect marriage" we can prevent stories like the one above from ever becoming existent.

Every person in this world is responsible for the ideas that they may bring to the table that could in any way influence the youth around them. We need this world to be of peace and equality, we may never fully achieve it, but we can get as close to it as we can in this life time, it really just depends on ones self and how much effort everyone is willing to contribute. Its not hard to be a good person, you don't have to try, it doesn't take a lot of energy.

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