Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What do you mean suddenly...

I found this post on CNN.com via Cafferty File it is a short and to the point blog post about Rick Santorum doing himself in all of a sudden, and Mitt Romney jumping on it in the blink of an eye. Every point is absolutely true but when I read it, the only thought going through my head was, what do you mean Suddenly? Santorum's has been ruining himself since birth. This campaign is just the climax of a hilarious story of egotism meeting fate.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rick Santorum: Public Enemy No. 1

I want to draw attention to this arrogant little shit of a candidate. As if enough hasn't been already. When I look at his face, I see the face of a child that was constantly picked on in school but came from enough money to think he was more important than everyone else and considered all around him "just jealous". I'm sure he was turned down by almost every girl, young lady, or woman he ever showed interest in until meeting his dumb shit of a wife, Karen. Now, I know you may be thinking, "that is not fair to bring his wife into this," but everyone knows the power a woman has in a relationship, and if you read the article by Soraya Chemaly "10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts" via Huffington Post, you would see that any woman married to a man with these beliefs has no concept of womanhood, human rights, or self respect. That article in itself will show you why he is no choice for all women in this country as President of the United States, he should only be the president of arrogant chauvinism.

His entire platform, the complete campaign package is geared against women and the LGBT community. I am convinced as a gay man myself that he is completely against women entirely. This is my point right here, the 'L' in LGBT stands for Lesbian, so with the article posted above and all the attacks he has made against the LGBT he shows that ALL WOMEN Lesbian or Hetero have no value to him, just something he may control. Telling a woman what to do with her body is a definite exercised dictation. Who is this DWEEB to tell anyone what to do, he looks as if he hasn't even hit puberty yet and is obviously demonstrating a very strong case of little man syndrome.

Lets take a look at some of his work towards the LGBT Community. Hold on... Wait...

PAUSE... TIME OUT... so as I do my blogs I search for supporting articles that I can share with you... I typed in a search box what I was looking for, something specific I read via twitter recently and I came across this article... which touches on what I said earlier, you are reading this in real time.... no editing done with any of my posts. HIS OWN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL PRIDES THEMSELVES ON DIVERSITY, THE ALUMNI OF THIS SCHOOL ARE ABSOLUTELY ANTI SANTORUM AND HAVE EVEN CREATED A

Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum” Facebook page

See the full article here, its quite amusing.
So he was the cast out student that thought he was better than the rest.

Okay, now lets get back to his anti-LGBT campaigning he has been taking on. He stands behind his Catholic upbringing, again please read the "full article" above and you will see that in a poll done by NY TIMES and CBS 44% of Catholics believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, 31% believe they should be allowed Civil Unions, and only 22% believe they should have no type of legal recognition at all. Literally 3/4 of the Catholic population in the United States do not believe what Rick Santorum preaches. He should be running for President he should be running for a position in the high church of Catholicism.

Doing this he's already shooting himself in the foot. Rick Santorum is a joke.

Here are a few things Rick Santorum has said about the LGBT community. Take a moment and read this article via The Eastern Echo. I try to encourage as much as possible for my readers to get involved via twitter and the other organizations that are posted in the "Get Involved" section on every page of the blog found in the side bars.

Now that you have the information, I just want to say WE AS A PEOPLE need to fight this kind of candidate at all costs. He will not stop at just Women's Rights and LGBT Rights. If you support one and not the other that is fine too, you really should open your eyes and mind more, but to each their own. Regardless to which you support or both... you need to fight this guy from making it to the main election in November. As most know who follow my blog I support Ron Paul the whole way, Romney and Gingrich are their own issues. Romney is the anti-gay Obama, and Gingrich when it comes to gay rights feels that gays will ruin the sanctity of marriage even though he divorced his first wife who was sick with cancer and dying at the time and then divorced his second because she wouldn't agree to an "open marriage" and has had the same problem with his current marriage and wanting it to be open. Yet, to him, two people of the same sex committing themselves solely to one another based on love and integrity is going to ruin what marriage is about. Ron Paul seems to be left out of all commentary via talk radio and a lot of the coverage following the presidential candidacy race, mainly because he can hold strong numbers, the youth of America supports him, he has libertarian views, he believes in federalism and privatizing everything. The general reports after all the debates in which he participates in state that Ron Paul is the only candidate with any substance in his views and responses... though its clear the moderators, who are partial to the three mentioned above, seem to leave him out and ask his opinion on specific topics. At the end of the day, I support Ron Paul because he believes in true Democracy, for the people by the people. Personally as democratic you think I would be I am not. I do believe that democrats can (not always) have a inclination to give money out to unnecessary causes and spend frivolously, again not always but can. BEING A TRUE REPUBLICAN is to be FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE and nothing more. Separate church and state, follow the concept of democracy while guiding our economy fiscally in the right direction. Bills and measures that are going to cost us money and do nothing for us at the same time are putting us further in the hole and we will no longer be our own country but the "territory" of another power. Ex: Obamacare, it takes up 1/5-1/6 of our economy and what does it do for us? I haven't seen anything from it.

Okay this rant was a little scatter-brained but at the end of the day I told you this was done in real time all the way down to the supporting articles, read them and you will see the organization of thought and point that I may have lacked. I'm marking this paragraph as end of the relative subject. If you continue reading there is a message to my current readers who are probably surprised by the new post....

Sorry I have not posted in quite a while, I have been taking time to work out a few things in my own personal situation that needed attending. Also, I have been rethinking the direction of this blog and what I'm trying to convey to everyone and what information I want to put on the table. I feel focusing on only local gay rights although that will be the primary topic found throughout my posts past, present and future... I decided I'm going to expand a little more. Any new information with Prop 8 and the appeals until same-sex marriage is legalized and recognized will be posted immediately and even though I have been silent I have been checking every day for substantial news, not just something that will leave you wondering, "Well, WHEN IS THIS ALL GOING TO HAPPEN?" Also, I will be focusing more on general HUMAN RIGHTS. Including women, minorities, lgbt, and so on. Because there is so much anguish behind this subject in the country to date it will be hard for me to keep you posted. I will be posting short posts directing you towards articles found on the web. A lot of information can be found by signing up for twitter and following the article sources you will find a follow button on almost every article page you read. Twitter is not just for seeing your friends every thoughts and lame ass pictures that have nothing to do with anything important. It is also a way to filter what news and information you would like to read on a daily basis. So I encourage each and everyone of you to sign up for twitter and follow me and those you find in articles. You can follow me by clicking the following link then clicking follow http://www.twitter.com/jonscottwntstop.

Thank you guys for following and please know you will be seeing a different stream of information in form of short paragraphs leading you to outside articles, and trust I will be stating my opinion if that is the type of blog post you enjoy.

I'll never stop.
Jon Scott