Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Movement, is Moving Forward.

As we sit and wait for the Supreme Court to rule on the standing of the Prop 8 proponents, the fight goes on. The plaintiffs in Perry v. Brown have filed a brief defending and encouraging the rights of the people to view the tapes from the original Prop 8 trial.

The video was released by Judge James Ware, Judge Vaughn Walker's successor, when the sealing of the recordings were in question by the proponents of Prop 8 and of course the proponents of Prop 8 appealed Judge Ware's ruling. I'm seeing a pattern here, the proponents of Prop 8 appeal anything that doesn't go there way, which has been every ruling so far. Can't wait to see the look on their faces when they run out of stuff to appeal and lose. Let's not forget the question still remains... Do the proponents of Prop 8 have the right to appeal Judge Vaughn Walker's original ruling of Prop 8 being unconstitutional, and in direct violation of due process and equal protection? The answer to this will be revealed on or by Dec. 6th, 2011.

Plaintiffs explained in their brief, "Proponents have provided no justification--compelling or otherwise--for continued concealment of the trial recording, which truly and accurately depicts the events that took place in the district court in full public view. The First Amendment and settled common law principles guarantee the public the right to watch the trial video in this case and to evaluate the evidence, arguments, and outcomes for itself."

"The brief is urging the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm the district courts decision granting plaintiffs' motion to unseal the digital recording of the trial." - Windy City Media Group

So more of a waiting game, more of a pushing match. When will these proponents give up, I'm guessing never. Mainly because we all know that hate is taught and hate also festers inside someone until they explode of it... Proponents of Prop 8 are just at the point of their hate seeping out of them, I'm waiting for them to erupt. It will be comical.

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