Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Country for Haters

Her top priorities are:
  • Restore our economy and create millions of jobs
  • Repeal Obamacare and its unconstitutional mandates
  • Achieve deep cuts in spending to reduce America's debts
  • Strengthen the family and defend marriage
  • Rebuild respect for America as the shining city upon a hill.
Michele, you have got to be kidding me. Your first three priorities are the same priorities as everyone else running for president so kudos to being original, with an original plan, dumb. Your last two of 5 priorities completely contradict each other. The reason America isn't respected is because we are considered too arrogant.

Defending marriage and deny equal rights to everyone. Rights that you have, you don't want others to have. That's called arrogance, because you THINK, you don't KNOW, you THINK its a choice to be gay. Because YOU THOUGHT its a CHOICE, it must make you right... correct? No, its not correct you are fucking arrogant. You should be focusing on this war. Let me break it down for you.

We have been attacked ZERO times since 9/11. Terrorism has not come to our shores since that day. You want to reduce spending and save money? How about we as United States stop being so fucking arrogant and mind our own god damn business. Pull our troops out and bring them home. Defend our nation from the shore, and not go on the offense. Lets sit back and think about this, since the "WAR" started we've gone how much money into debt? TRILLIONS! That's ridiculous, the government starts cutting funding to areas of this nation where its needed like hmm, I don't know EDUCATION.

Now lets talk about MARRIAGE... if you want to defend marriage, fight divorce rates. When a heterosexual can marry 8 + different times, and a same-sex couple who has been together 30 years monogamously can not... you have a problem. You have arrogance and audacity, two of the biggest reasons why others do not respect us. Your husband, Mr. Turn Them Straight, calling us Barbaric ONLY because he FEELS he's above us... he's an asshole.

I want to know the exact day you two woke up, and said to yourself, well I could TOTALLY BE GAY and I COULD TOTALLY BE STRAIGHT... Hmmm, I choose straight. You never made a choice because it is not a choice. No person would ever put themselves in the position to be harassed, potentially harmed, or even worse beat to death? Tell you what, why don't you make the choice to wear all of your expensive jewelry and tote behind you all of your most valuable possessions and walk through Harlem, or Watts? You will get robbed, you will most likely get hurt, and if any of these attackers may know your name and who you are you may be taken as well. You wouldn't put yourself in that position now would you? Of course not. No one in their right mind (and don't fucking say we are not in ours) would put themselves in a position to struggle for their entire life.

As for changing gays back to straight... no guilt causes a person to lie and say they are no longer gay. Manipulation and scare tactics cause a person to SAY they are straight, but all they are doing is lying. You don't turn from Gay to Straight, you don't turn from Straight to Gay. You either are or your not or you are both. You might as well try to turn a black man into a white man, or a white man into a black man. Its not possible it won't happen. If someone is out it means they are telling the truth because they mustered up the testicular fortitude to come forward and risk losing everything important to them to ignorance.

NEWS FLASH MICHELE BITCHMANN... MORE THAN HALF THIS COUNTRY SUPPORTS GAYS AND GAY MARRIAGE... you want those votes? Step down, you're ridiculous. Fuckin Palin wannabe.

Presidency follows a legacy.

Abraham Lincoln said it best, "Those who deny the rights of others, deserve rights not for themselves."

The country will revolt against you in a heart beat.

I am going to re-quote Adam Kokesh for this post as well as the previous post.
"Humanity, you can fight it or you can fight for it. When we say Revolution, we say it with love."

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