Saturday, June 25, 2011

Congrats NY, you are the 6th and Largest state supporting Marriage Equality!

Governor Cuomo has signed the bill passing marriage equality in New York. After the Assembly had voted in favor, it was up to the senate. Here at New York Times you can read the 4 page article on this historic event.

You hear that nation? 6 States. That's 6 down, 44 more to go. With California's legalization of marriage equality just around the corner... we will have only 43 left... (I know I'm an amazing mathematician).

So when California follows in the footsteps of New York, (maybe wearing different shoes) the influence that we have on the western states will be apparent. They will follow, one after another. We will slowly take down this structure of hate and replace it with love... for EVERYONE.

Everyone who wants to get involved in the road to marriage equality can do so by contacting your state officials and demanding it. You can also visit American Foundation for Equal Rights, The Human Rights Campaign, and NOH8 to name a few places you can go. Also you will find a list of all these links at the top right corner of the blog. These pages will offer for you to sign up, sign petitions, etc., when you first join. I strongly urge that you do, you will receive emails updating you any time a new break through occurs and will keep you informed on the road to equality. Also you can follow all three organizations on twitter for live updates from inside the court rooms!

Get involved and place your stamp on full equality in this nation of freedom.

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