Monday, May 23, 2011


I wrote that post very steamed and after having read it back, I realized with the help of a friend and my fiance that it seems as though I was hating the pride festival in itself. I wanted to clear up the fact that it wasn't the pride festival or what it was supposed to represent. It was the people creating a false image of the gay community by wearing certain attire or conducting themselves in a very rude and disrespectful manner. It was not at any time my intention to upset anyone and if you really read the posting closely you will see that I only want what's right for us. Now do I agree with the Festival being sponsored by Lube and Alcohol, no. Sure Alcohol is a great way for adults to relax like any festival, but it seems (even though they aren't) are the only two sponsors there. Lube and Alcohol as primary sponsors does not send a healthy image to those opposed, in fact it fuels their fire. Thank you all and please keep checking in. I try to bring you all posts on what's going on daily. Ooooh and I hope you enjoyed the pictures I took of the Solar Halo. Used my cell phone, crazy that it worked. Maybe that's the worlds way of saying it approves equality? A Full circle using every color... sounds like equality to me.

Jon Scott

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