Monday, May 23, 2011

So Much to Say Today...

Over at The Washington Post we find three stories that are leading us to the fact that there are more than just gays (heterosexuals) on the marriage equality team that are fighting to make same sex marriage not only legal, but a reality for all. However, there are still the intentional set backs (Minnesota, I'll post that later) that are keeping their ignorance before constitutionality, which is why we must fly through these state legalization's and go National. If Minnesota can't save themselves I say its up to the rest of to lend that hero hand. My recent post about the Gallup Polls gives us the reason to know that it can be done.

In New York the fight continues and its not just the "people" fighting for their marriage equality its their officials as well. Mayor Mike Bloomberg (R) of New York released this Marriage Equality Message Today...

We also have these other New Yorkers for Marriage Equality:
Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Barbara Bush, Vogues Anna Wintour, Sean Avery (NY Rangers), Steve Nash of Phoenix Suns (who lives in NYC off season), and Russell Simmons (Music Mogul)

See more by heading over to the Washington Post.

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