Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival... 2011

I just posted on my facebook page my feelings against gay pride parade, now those of you who actually read my blog may call me hypocritical, but in reality I couldn't be further from it. I live in the neighborhood adjacent to the pride festival and the parade itself drops its floats off directly in front of my apartment.

This weekend I decided to stay at my sisters house on the other side of Long Beach. Reason being my first but not most important concern... the parking situation. Pride festival designates parking that can facilitate pride attendee's vehicles. Instead of the attendee's paying the money to park, they take up the parking in my neighborhood which on a regular day doesn't have enough parking as it is. So those that work hard for their money all week (gay and straight) come home to having to park over a mile away and either cabbing, walking, or busing back home until Monday when the festivities have ceased.

Second, the streets flood with people once the evening events have come to end (on both Saturday and Sunday) that have no respect for the neighborhoods they are cruising through to get to their next stop destination. They trash the streets, argue, scream, yell, make as much noise as possible in their drunken states. Gays are throwing attitude back and forth and getting in little bitch fights here and their all because one thinks they are better than the other. Showing no disregard for the people that do work on weekends because they are single parents trying to support their families that long for those weekends when they can sleep. Yet, because they are gay/lesbian, they are very proud, but they embody the wrong kind of pride. Their arrogance (and not EVERYONE attending, I'll get to that later, I'm talking of those who are ruining it for the rest of us) gets the best of them and for some reason makes them feel as if they are better than the next person which they aren't, that's what the whole fight for equality is. Everyone being of the same value.

Third, I'm going to touch on the parade and festival itself. Now granted their are floats that represent the gay community (which its sad to even say its a community, because that means their is a straight community, which one of each leaves us with only one thing... segregation) correctly. They are out their promoting marriage equality. Though anyone who has attended this parade each year will see that more and more each year we are seeing more guys in underwear walking in it or on a float showing everyone what they have to offer which is disgusting and humiliating, and they are walking next to someone in a thong and assless chaps, who are holding the hand of a drag queen that's done up way over the top. Waving rainbows and throwing glitter like confetti on to the street. All being completely over the top... read the next paragraph, this is where you will see my anger.

I CREATED THIS BLOG TO EDUCATE OTHER GLBT'S ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE WORLD WITH EQUAL RIGHTS, NOT JUST GAY RIGHTS, BUT EQUAL RIGHTS. TO BE EQUAL YOU CAN NOT MAKE YOURSELF APPEAR DIFFERENT. STANDING ON THESE FLOATS EXPLOITING YOURSELVES AND A FALSE IDEA OF EVERYONE ELSE BY BEING OVER THE TOP WEARING ALMOST NOTHING IS NOT GOING TO SAY "HEY WE ARE THE SAME AS YOU! GIVE US THE SAME RIGHTS." WHAT THIS WILL DO IS SAY TO THOSE WHO HAVEN'T COME AROUND YET, "HEY LOOK HOW DIFFERENT WE ARE! WE ARE OVER THE TOP AND RUBBING IT IN YOUR FACE! BUT WE ARE STILL THE SAME AS YOU, SO GIVE US THE SAME RIGHTS!" Okay honestly, lemme explain something before I get bashers telling me those people are just being true to themselves. True to yourself, is being who you are. For example, I'm a gay man, a fiance, a hairstylist, a dancer, a brother, a son, a writer, etc. That's being who you are... being GLBT isn't WHO YOU ARE its A PART OF WHO YOU ARE. To dress in disgusting outfits and be over the top isn't who you are, its what you do. What you do requires an action, who you are is just simply being.

The pride festival is sponsored by what??? LUBE and ALCOHOL, now what kind of message does that spread about the LGBTs out there? That we're all about getting drunk and having sex. Is that what married people do? Get drunk and have sex? You see, there are people that go to the festival because they are proud of the adversities and years of torment/torture they've had to overcome. To come together with people that have been through the same thing and are proud that they aren't the only ones and that they have all done it. If they all team up, they can gain so much more with equal rights and erasing that discrimination out there. Fighting the hate and encouraging the love. Now any of you want to tell me that even 90% of the attendee's are there for that reason, you are telling me that just for the sake of argument, because you know deep down, that UNTIL GAYS STOP EXPLOITING A SIDE OF THE SO CALLED LGBT COMMUNITY THAT DOESNT NEED TO BE EXPLOITED we are never going to gain EQUAL RIGHTS AMONGST ALL.

Heterosexuals don't have a pride, if they did it would be considered a festival of hate. Just like ethnic minorities can have their clubs in school. Even down to black history month itself, now if there were to be a white history month, or a white scholars program, or club in school or society, it would be racist. When in reality allowing one to have it and not the other is reverse racism in itself. I wasn't there when their were slaves or even when their was the serious oppression and segregation back before the late sixties early seventies. Yet because of it if I do anything and attach the word White to it in a big group of like ethnic people, that makes me racist or a racist.

Now same is going for homosexual and heterosexual people in the world. We can have our pride but they can't have one for themselves? They don't even care to have one, because its not about their sexuality or anyone's for that matter. So we make ours about our sexuality and not our rights which is the ONLY THING we should be focusing on, and we expect to be treated equal or the same to everyone else.

People its time to get your head out of your asses. I guarantee about 30% (and that's being generous) of those pride attendee's are actually going to rally's for equal rights. Actually involve themselves in the fight for equal rights. Having those pride festivals are actually the result of hard work from our "community" predecessors to ensure that the tolerance that is alive today is their. Without them we would all still be targeted and not be able to live life as freely as we already do, it is up to us to gain the rest of that freedom. Instead, their are the many out there taking advantage of and reaping the benefits of their hard work by exploiting something that only a small group of people are about. The most stand out shocking is what people are going to relate to "GLBT". Take a look at yourself long and hard and ask yourself, is what I'm doing going to gain me and everyone else equal rights? If your answer is yes and its sincere, then good on ya. If not, stay in the shadows and let the rest of us do what we set out to do, just as you have today, you can reap the benefits of our work later.

I'm outro, peace.
-Jon Scott

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